We know that for grant-makers, the process of finding appropriate charities and Social Enterprises to give funding to is a timely and often inefficient process. We also know that grant-makers would like to see more and new charities and Social Enterprises applying for their grants, but to search for this can be time-consuming for those with limited resources.

whatimpact helps to bridge this gap by automatically matching your foundation or trust with potential charities and Social Enterprises based on your shared values and goals for the future.

Over-subscription to your grants need no longer be an issue. whatimpact simplifies the process. Our online application system allows grant-awarding parties to evaluate and compare applications in a transparent, democratic and uniform way, saving resources on both sides.

Finally a way for grant-makers to find deserving recipients, seek out co-funding opportunities, conduct due diligence and view results from past projects all in one place and with little to no leg work.

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